Most sheet metal fabrication still rely on 2D drawings, even when there is a 3D model available. At the manufacturing floor, drawings are utilized to develop production plans. The use of 2D geometry is still prevalent, and is affecting productivity to a great level of significance.

Besides, these 2D drafts are often difficult to manage and are prone to errors that eventually cause miscommunication and production scrap. This is something that every sheet metal fabricator would probably know of, but are stuck with the 2D processes, because of the fear of losing business while transitioning and due to resistance from internal experienced resources.

The benefits of adopting 3D CAD workflows can outweigh time and resource investment for transformation and can continue to benefit fabricators in competing better in the digital age of Industrial 4.0.

The big benefit of designing in 3D is the improvement in design accuracy, quality and reduced production error. Tools like SOLIDWORKS has sheet metal features that provide the ability for the designer to design a completed product.


TrueCADD is a leading engineering design firm with expertise in Sheet metal design, SolidWorks sheet metal design, sheet metal parts design, fabrication drawings and assembly drawings. It has immense experience in the field of sheet metal design with a comprehensive knowledge and expertise. We provide our quality services to various industry sectors such as furniture, building products, manufacturing, automotive components, engineering and fabrication.


Key sheet metal design services we offer include:

  • Metal Furniture Product Design (Metal Doors & Windows)
  • Fabricated Metal & Alloy Product Design
  • Fire Protection Equipment Design
  • Sheet Metal Parts Design using SolidWorks
  • Fabrication Drawings & Assembly Drawings
  • Developing 2D drawings, 3D sheet metal models in SolidWorks
  • Design and generate edges, miter flanges using bend allowances/deduction with calculation
  • PMI annotated drawings with comprehensive 3D CAD models

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