DriveWorks Design Automation: Achieve up to 70% Reduction in Engineering Lead Time

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“Same but different” has become the new normal for building products and furniture manufacturing vertical. Every customer needs a product with the same utility but different form, specification and final finishes – in sum manufacturer has to develop a customized product for every new customer.


However, this idea of mass customization is taking fair share of profits as higher the customization more is the engineering design lead time. Design engineers look for a solution to eliminate design repetitive tasks of drafting and modeling – through design automation platforms.

DriveWorks is one such platform that can accelerate engineering lead time and facilitate to begin manufacturing the same day as the order receipt. Furthermore, with the help of logical set of rules manufacturing firms can leverage product configuration deployment by collaborating with design automation expert or DriveWorks authorized partners.


Collaborating with DriveWorks service partners

TrueCADD is a leading DriveWorks authorized service partners from India, offering a team of 100+ CAD engineers and DriveWorks specialists’ teams to consult and deploy efficient configurator. We can help you reduce engineering design cycle time from 4-5 days to a few hours.


Our achievements also include reduction in 70% design cycle time and achieving 99% quality technical and sales documents. By partnering with us, you can implement automation across following areas:

  • 3D models with custom inputs
  • Generation of engineering drawings
  • Manufacturing drawings with custom BOMs
  • Generate sales quotes within minutes of placing orders
  • Communicate with remote sales team
  • Online configurator for customer assistance

At TrueCADD  we have helped various manufacturers ranging from furniture to industrial equipment and from building products to shopfitting and from millwork to casework. Drop us an email to implement and adopt design automation with DriveWorks platform and integrate sales, design, and manufacturing.

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